Recommended Reading and Tools List

We are often asked what reference books can help with basic understanding of MRO Spare Parts and Equipment Maintenance programs.  While each person may find a different style which appeals to them individually, the core material should provide a relevant concepts and a call to action for improvement.

The following books are on our bookshelf and recommended as references for better MRO Spare Part and Maintenance efficiency.  Should you choose these recommended books or tools via our link, we thank you for your purchase.



Recommended Tools to Improve Equipment Maintenance & Spare Parts Results

There are a handful of tools which can really help identify problems and issues before failure occurs.  We recommend these tools as part of a Predictive Maintenance (PdM) program to help make a difference in determining that potential failure.  If your team does not have these great analytical tools available or something similar, they are missing out on early identification of equipment downtime problems.  Please consider adding to your team’s strategic arsenal of resources for a competitive advantage – vibration analyzer and thermography analyzer.