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Why Our Services?

Many manufacturing companies realize their current MRO Asset Reliability processes and procedures need another perspective to achieve their goals – they are not making head way and the status quo just will not get them there.  This is when you need a mixture of  new thinking and insight coupled with a strategy for lasting results.

Our Approach

We evaluate the MRO spare parts portion of the Asset Reliability Program.  Our focus is to determine opportunities to complete the predictive, preventive, and repair work with the correct spare parts and materials. With the local team we examine the work processes, data quality, usage data, tools available, and supply chain alternatives to develop an improvement process strategy.  The overall goal is to improve Asset Reliability results with increased efficiency of MRO Spare Parts spend. 

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Chuck Watson
Senior Project Manager
(502) 817-1727

Steve Landis
Principal/MRO Specialist
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