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Many great organizations get mired in their current MRO Spare Parts situation.

Don’t Panic – Taking stock of the opportunities and creating a course of action is extremely valuable.  Of course, being willing and taking action is what makes the difference.  What’s the following outcomes worth to your organization?

  • 99% Spend efficiency?
  • 99% Inventory accuracy?
  • Inventory turns of at least 2.0?
  • 95% reduction of expedited freight charges for parts?
  • Repair work completed in no more than two weeks (reduced wait for parts)?
  • 10% increase in vendor held inventory?
  • 25% increased life of key parts with higher failure rates?

Let us help – contact us about an assessment of your MRO Spare Parts situation which is quick, simple, and painless – start now to make a difference! 

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