About Us

Our founder, Steve Landis, has over 30 years experience removing costs and improving quality performance in all aspects of Manufacturing and Warehouse Operations.  After working through a manufacturing Plant shutdown, he found significant amounts of spare parts which were unused and unneeded.  Helping others avoid the same wasteful situation has become his passion. 

His focus has been to work with major manufacturing organizations to optimize MRO equipment spare parts processes,  improve Asset/Equipment Reliability, spending efficiency and reduce waste.  In his travels, Steve has discovered significant amounts of unused MRO equipment spare parts and inventory opportunities.  

Our Philosophy

We believe MRO spare parts are the life blood of any World Class Equipment/Asset Reliability Program.  Certainly, the predictive, preventive, and emergency repair work cannot be completed without the correct spare parts and materials.  By evaluating the work processes, usage data, available tools and supply chain alternatives, we find the significant options available to develop a strategy which improves results with increased financial efficiency.